Ribbon Wall Hanging: An Easy DIY

Ribbon Wall Hanging DIY

Ribbon Wall Hanging DIY

Ribbon Wall Hanging DIY

Ribbon Wall Hanging DIY

Hey friends! I wanted to share this ribbon wall hanging project with all of you for one main reason: to show how easy and satisfying DIY projects can be.

I think it is so important to turn your home into a place that feels comfortable and like your own. Personally, I really enjoy creating unique things for my space or finding ways to make old things new! My mom has decorated a lot of our house by doing this, so I’ve definitely been influenced by her. I’ll admit it – sometimes I just want to splurge and buy everything from my favorite (yet pricey) home decor stores. But, when I actually take the time to be creative like I know I can be, I am always SO happy! I do have to refrain from giving into my perfectionist tendencies though – that takes the fun out of DIYs.

So! Before my little sister Layne headed back down to school, we found a fun ribbon wall hanging DIY on Pinterest. This project in particular caught my eye because I have seen things like this sold in stores (I’ll link some below in case you’re not a DIY fan)! It seemed simple enough, so we decided to give it a try and make matching ones.

We got all of our supplies at Jo-Ann’s because they had the best ribbon selection, but any craft store should have what you need!


  • Wooden rod or some sort of sturdy branch/stick
  •  Ribbon
    • All of the ribbon in the pictures above was enough for 2
    • I suggest picking out ones that are different widths, textures, and patterns, and sticking to a palette of 3-4 colors
  • Fabric Scissors (regular scissors will work ok these are just easier!)
  • Twine
  • Nail & hammer if you’re impatient like me and want to hang it right away…

Start by attaching some twine to your rod or stick and hanging it against a wall where you can easily tie on your pieces of ribbon. Hold up your ribbon to see about how long it should be, cut it, and tie it in a knot (see photo above for knots up close). Keep doing this until it looks full enough. I would recommend scrunching all of your ribbon pieces together after tying them so it doesn’t look sparse!

I wanted mine to end up in this V-shape so I just eyeballed the ribbon lengths. I started in the center and moved outward. You can either use an exact pattern or just throw the different types on there randomly. Once you’re finished tying on all the ribbon pieces, you can trim the bottoms to whatever length you’d like.

And there you have it! A fun ribbon wall hanging for your living space.

Please let me know if you have any questions. If you try it out, tell me how it goes and send me pictures! I would also like to know if you’d enjoy seeing more DIY posts in the future. Leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

XO Sorelle

Feel free to pin this graphic on your own DIY board… just hover or click on photo, then click the ‘save’ button in the corner!

Ribbon Wall Hanging DIY

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