Boutique Diaries: Satori (Tacoma, WA)

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. I got to spend the weekend with family in Cannon Beach, Oregon and it was so nice… I’m happy to be home though and excited to share this new post with all of you! Awhile back I mentioned on my Instagram that I would soon be writing and sharing a blog post on a boutique in the Seattle-Tacoma area that I absolutely adore, Satori. Well, here it is! YAY! I can’t wait for you to see what this spunky place has to offer.

Satori boutique storefront

Satori boutique storefront

Satori is located in the heart of downtown Tacoma, Washington, on Pacific Avenue. This area is really trendy and fun being that it’s the home of the University of Washington Tacoma campus. There are other boutiques on this street as well as coffee shops and cafes!

If you’re a museum geek like me, you’ll be happy to know that Satori is right across the street from the Washington State History Museum, the Tacoma Art Museum, AND the Museum of Glass! Even more reason to pay this boutique a visit!

For all of you non-locals, don’t worry! They have a website in the works.

Inside of Satori boutique

This unique life + style boutique began back in 2013. They sell women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories; paper goods such as books, cards, and journals; beauty products; home decor like plants, candles, and pillows; and more! Since the opening of the store, Satori has become known for the exclusive brands that they carry, particularly those from around the Pacific Northwest. If you read my post on Baleen, a small jewelry company located in Seattle, then you are already familiar with one of the brands Satori has in store!

Inside Satori boutique

Satori boutique merchandise display - cards

Any card you could ever want for any occasion ever…

Satori boutique merchandise display

Satori is also a great go-to spot when shopping for a gift… they have something for everyone (even a few options for guys)!

Satori boutique merchandise display

Every single display in the store is flawless, and even the way they package purchases is to die for!

Satori boutique purchase packaging example

Inside of Satori boutique

I can’t be in downtown Tacoma without stopping in Satori – definitely go take a look if you can! As I said in my recent post on Evolve Home + Apparel, I love to shop in boutiques, so stay tuned for more Boutique Diary posts like this one.

Thanks for reading!!

XO Sorelle

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