Embroidered Boxy Bag

Hi guys! This Cynthia Rowley crossbody bag is my new favorite and I wanted to be sure to share it with you before they’re sold out. I lucked out when I found this at the Nordstrom Rack near my house, and was happy to see that it is currently still available on their website as well! Originally $95.00, down to $45.00 – are you kidding?!!

Embroidery is everywhere you look right now. It’s on clothes, shoes, and accessories… so I was happy to come across a cute and versatile yet inexpensive purse like this one! It is a great medium size, with two separate zipper pockets. I can easily fit my small wallet, phone, keys, several small make-up items, and more inside. Another plus – no digging around in this purse to find things since the boxy shape makes all your items easily accessible! It also comes in a navy blue shade.


Thanks for reading!!

XO Sorelle

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