CABO: Jalapeño Margaritas & Unexpected Life Lessons


Just two days after I graduated, my family and I headed to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This trip was out of the ordinary for us, since most summers we tend to stay local by going somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. We were joined by my mom’s twin sister (who I was named after), and her family. My sister and I are really close with her daughters, but we rarely get to all be together. Having an entire week to spend with them made our time there extra special.

We stayed in a Welk Resort called Sirena del Mar, and at the end of the week we didn’t have one complaint. It was fairly small but felt like the perfect size. Everything about it was relaxing and beautiful. The beach was just a short walk down from the resort, and the center of town was less than a ten minute drive away. If you’re planning a trip to Cabo anytime soon I would definitely recommend this place!

Up until we landed in Cabo, I had no idea that we had relatives who lived there. I find it funny how parents sometimes fail to tell their kids things that they might like to know… (or is it just mine?) Anyways, my stepdad has cousins there and it was really nice to get some recommendations from locals who have lived there for years. They took us to a few bars that they go to often (Uno Más and Jungle Bar, for example) and it was fun to explore the areas that weren’t quite as touristy! One night we went to their house for a home-cooked Mexican meal, complete with jalapeño margaritas. To be honest, I discovered I am not a fan of this spicy drink (despite how pretty they are) – I enjoyed the round of blended mango margaritas that followed much more! It was definitely comfortable and convenient to have family so close by.

Although the majority of the trip was spent by the pool, we did go on a few excursions that I would do again next time I’m there. One in particular was a hike we went on early one morning to the top of a nearby mountain called Mt. Solmar.

The trail-head up Mt. Solmar is only accessible through the property of a dog trainer named Enrique, all he asks for is a tip. He wasn’t there when we arrived, but as we reached the top of the mountain we knew we found him when we saw a man surrounded by about twelve dogs of all different breeds. Here we were at the top of this mountain with a gorgeous view of Cabo, surrounded by dogs… it was like heaven haha. Enrique was one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve ever met. His welcoming spirit and positive outlook was contagious and inspiring. He stopped us and began to give us a life lesson about the importance of staying present at all times, talking about how powerful our minds are if we actually make an effort to utilize and discover their capabilities. Being that my life motto is living mindfully, I love the simple yet profound message he gave us and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it!

After researching a few different activity companies we decided to do a day of luxury sailing with Cabo Adventures. We were taken out on a catamaran to see the sights such as the Arch of Cabo San Lucas (below), and were given time to snorkel and paddle board near a local beach. They served us lunch and there was an open bar on board as well, which none of us were complaining about! It was nice to be out on the water for the day and spend time in the ocean.

The food in Cabo was absolutely amazing. I’m probably biased since I’ll eat Mexican food any day of the week, but it really was unbelievable. Mama’s Royal Cafe. The decor was so colorful, with bright tablecloths and plants everywhere. Not to mention the live musicians playing in the back ground. They’re known for their french toast, which was delicious… and their breakfast burritos are a must in my opinion. If you’re looking for an authentic, rich, and filling Mexican meal, try out Maria Jimenez Restaurante Mexicano (I’d suggest the enchiladas). Just be sure to make a reservation beforehand, it gets a little busy around dinner time. Yelp was pretty handy as we were looking for places to eat.

Brunch at Mama’s Royal Cafe

When it comes to the clothes I brought, I unfortunately don’t have many photos of what I was wearing… I was pretty much in swimsuits and cover-ups the whole time. My go-to cover-up was actually from T.J Maxx! I brought along a couple of sundresses from places like Zara and Urban Outfitters, and surprisingly enough Target had some lightweight summer stuff that was fairly cute, like these Mossimo Women’s Baja Shorts. Listed below are a couple of the swimsuits I loved having with me in Cabo!

*Note: I purchased this bikini at CoCoRose Boutique, however they are also available through the Koa Swim site (linked above)!

Overall this vacation was unbelievable and much-needed after an exhausting last semester of college. There was so much to do and see but it was also such a great place to relax. I never experienced the crazy college spring break side of Cabo (aside from a few hours I spent in Squid Roe with my sister and cousins), but I’m not mad about it. I loved every second of the way my family and I did Cabo and I hope we go back soon!

Comment below or contact me if you want to know more about any of the suggestions in this post. I’d also like to hear about some of your favorite spots there as well so I can add them to my list for next time!

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XO Sorelle

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