Keepin’ it Simple

Hi! Today I’m bringing you this simple yet chic look that will become your best friend going into summer 2017. It doesn’t take too much time or thought to come up with an outfit like this. You don’t always need to be wearing something super unique or fancy to feel cute! Sometimes just putting things together that compliment each other is all you need to do. Neutral or earthy colors are really easy to throw on when you’re trying to keep it simple.

For this outfit I started with a white blouse from Zara – my favorite place to shop when I am on the hunt for nicer tops that are great quality but also fairly inexpensive. Lemme tell you, that place is dangerous. It takes some serious self-control to walk out of there empty-handed or just with one or two things.

When I wore this it was about 90 degrees, so I decided to go with jean shorts in order to stay cool. You can’t really go wrong when pairing white with denim! And finally, to stick with the neutral focus I was going for, I finished up the look with these chestnut colored mules (details to follow photos below – they’re on sale). Wearing heeled mules with shorts helps to lengthen and flatter your legs, which is always a plus!

Keep this look in mind for when you’re trying to decide what to wear in a time crunch… it’ll save ya!


Thank you so much for reading… have a great day!!

XO Sorelle

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