The Experience Passport

Something that I have really been enjoying recently is a gift my friend Cassidy gave me – a little book/journal written and designed by Alex Enger called Experience Passport: 45 Ways to Broaden Your Horizons

A look inside the passport

This passport provides you with 45 prompts to complete in order to learn new skills and gain new knowledge, meet new people, go new places, and more. For example (seen above) #14 says “Attend a classical music concert or opera. What did the music make you feel?” You have the freedom to write or draw your reaction underneath each prompt, and in the back of the passport are stickers to use once you’ve completed the items (very satisfying I must say).

The pages within the book are meant to push you to do something you have never done before or would never think to do. It is perfect if you like getting out and trying new things but need some ideas. As the passport mentions, it is what you make it… “an open book itinerary for exploring the world. Your go-to cure for boredom. A storehouse of future fond memories”.

The author emphasizes that it doesn’t matter what order you complete the pages – I have been skipping all over the place! I also love how small it is, making it seem less overwhelming when thinking about eventually having the whole thing filled out. It is also easy to carry/pack if you’re traveling! You can purchase this pocket-size passport on Amazon for less than $10 by clicking here.

Stay tuned for future posts that will cover the different experiences I’ve had while completing the passport, and let me know if you end up trying it out yourself!

XO Sorelle

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